By Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici

Restart from dialogue. We are used to thinking that a company is a monolith, but in reality it is an intertwining of relationships between people who are currently experiencing different difficulties, both on a personal and psychological level, and on a family and economic level. Today it is more necessary than ever to dialogue, show one’s weaknesses and ask questions together about our future.

We could take advantage of this vulnerable condition to abandon the old top-down work paradigm and together overcome inequalities and concentrate on our ability to innovate. This can only be achieved by creating an authentic dialogue and active listening among people, a fundamental aspect many companies have disregarded. And concentrate on the purpose, the aim of the enterprise. Use this moment to question the company’s core purpose, and understand it more deeply. And then engage in the innovative process of translation and dissemination of the company’s founding values ​​to all its members. It is this time of crisis that allows for a radical rethinking of the very role of companies, which can and must become the central sites for transmitting values ​​and identities.

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